"Today we received our new Luxo Link Custom Mat and it was unrolled in place at the entrance immediately. It is a conversation piece as its beauty is difficult to believe in a floor mat. In addition to beauty, the quality is excellent. The excellent manner in which the order was handled indicates there still is a company in America that is dedicated to quality and service."

Milford, NJ


Commercial & Residential Mats - Vinyl Link - Custom Vinyl Link Floor Mats

Personalized, custom manufactured vinyl entrance floor mats provide an attractive first impression that lasts. Any walkway through which people enter a doorway can be enhanced and brightened by vinyl matting. It is ideal for business settings and residences alike – churches, funeral homes, clinics, hospitals, clubs, golf courses, restaurants, lounges, and office buildings.

If you have an interest in providing aesthetic enhancement, color coordination, utility, and safety under foot to your visitors and friends, vinyl link matting can be an attractive complement to that end. All weather, durable and sturdy, vinyl link matting weighs two and one half pounds per square foot and will last for decades. Beveled edges all around enable easy access for wheelchairs. A blunt edge is also available for mats fitting into a recess or cutout in the flooring.

Door mats are available in any size, with a choice of 14 colors for your custom design. By going to our QUOTES AND INQUIRIES page, you can send us your suggested layout, to include size, lettering, emblem, insignia, logo, or mascot. We will email you a free computerized scale drawing for your review. This will enable you to visualize and inspect your mat design before production begins. You are welcome to make any changes and/or corrections and we will provide you with a revised scale drawing, free at no obligation. In addition, you will receive a firm quotation and a digital sample of the 14 colored vinyl links used in fabrication. An actual sample of the links used can be mailed to you upon request.

Below are just a few samples of the thousands of mats that we have produced for businesses and homes.

Examples of our commercial & residential mats - vinyl link