"Today we received our order of three mats … and were so pleased that I had to take out a few moments to write a small letter of thank you. The colors ere extraordinary and the craftsmanship was excellent. As I look around … I see a lot of your products and not only are they colorful and well constructed, but they serve the purpose they were intended for well beyond the years expected. Being that I have been the military for seventeen years now, I have come in contact with a lot of companies, but none have impressed me to be as professional as yours."

Keflavik, IC


Military Mats - Custom Vinyl Link Floor Mats

B.F. Hurley Mat Company provides a way to recognize, honor and identify the location of your Headquarters, Wing, Ship, Quarter Deck, Squadron, Regiment, Battalion, Unit, Residence Quarters, Company, Station, P.X., B.X., Commissary, Clubs and Family Centers. Identify and customize your entryway with a colorful, durable vinyl entrance floor mat. Greet everyone with a bright, meaningful first impression. Showcase your unit designation, colors, crest or insignia. Proudly proclaim your organizational distinction, campaigns, emblematic history and cherished legacy. Phone, email, fax or mail your matting preferences. We’ll provide the requisite professionalism and full satisfaction that you desire and deserve.

Door mats are available in any size, with a choice of 14 colors for your custom design. By going to our QUOTES AND INQUIRIES page, you can send us your suggested layout, to include size, lettering, emblem, insignia, logo, or mascot. We will email you a free computerized scale drawing for your review. This will enable you to visualize and inspect your mat design before production begins. You are welcome to make any changes and/or corrections and we will provide you with a revised scale drawing, free at no obligation. In addition, you will receive a firm quotation and a digital sample of the 14 colored vinyl links used in fabrication. An actual sample of the links used can be mailed to you upon request.

Below are just a few samples of the thousands of mats that we have produced for the military.